Program Specifics

First, we talk. Then, we get to work. Upon enrollment, a personalized program will be developed for you based on your discovered purpose, immediate objectives, and long-term aspirations. All instruction, training, and processing in the following areas will comprise your individualized program — additional materials may be added or created as necessary to meet your specific needs:

Current Purpose Identification + Interest Assessment:
A comprehensive evaluation to develop the right tools to pursue your identified interests.
The Science of the Brain:
How it works, how to use it, and how to control it to achieve your goals.
Setting them with effective and practical implementation.
Positive Human Emotions:
What are they and what is their importance on your life path.
Inside the Conscious and Subconscious Mind:
How they work, how they differ, and how to work them to your advantage.
The Science of and Effective Use of Affirmations and Visualization:
It’s likely not what you think, but it’s also exactly what you think.
Effective, informed, and inspired.
Rewiring the Brain:
Aligning the conscious mind (creativity, goals, dreams, and desires) with the subconscious mind (“default programming”) so they work together to support your changes and overall purpose.
Activities, assigned reading, recommended viewing, etc. — all of which complement and emphasize your directives.
The Relatable Quantum World:
How it works and how to work it.
Sustained Development:
Over a period of six weeks, your SUB6 Program will also include weekly meetings. Through personal, effective instruction and processing, all weekly assignments will be mastered before continuing on.
The SUB6 Program graduates have access to continued support and communication. In other words, you can contact SUB6 at anytime following the program, for advice, instruction or clarity. Most people take advantage of this, but it's usually just to tell about amazing accomplishments.